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Nadia Moore, PhD, DABT, ERT, is a Principal Toxicologist with Veritox®, Inc.

Dr. Moore is a Principal Toxicologist at Veritox® and an active member of the Pacific Northwest Association of Toxicologists, the Society of Toxicology, and the Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group. Nadia is certified in toxicology by the American Board of Toxicology and is admitted as a European Registered Toxicologist in both the United Kingdom and EUROTOX registries.

Nadia has more than 20 years of multidisciplinary experience in toxicology, regulatory compliance, molecular, biology, and analytical chemistry. She has conducted short-term through 2-year carcinogenicity animal studies of inhaled vapors, aerosols, and complex mixtures and performed risk-based toxicology assessments for potential contaminants in workplace exposures and consumer products. Her current focus areas involve determination of whether exposure to a chemical has caused an injury, determination of acceptable impurity levels in consumer products, and weight-of-evidence analysis of historical scientific data to gauge present-day conclusions.



Recent Publications

Talc – the Next Asbestos? Analyzing the Recent Explosion of Talc Related Claims. N Moore. 2017. Presentation at the 6th Annual Toxic Tort and Environmental Litigation organized by the American Conference Institute, June, 2017.

Marijuana: the smoke hasn’t cleared.JA Deyo, KA Tucker, CY Chan, NH Moore, and BJ Kelman. 2017. The Toxicologist, Supplement to Toxicological Sciences, 151(1):1282.

Weight-of-evidence assessment for polyhexamethylene guanidine and interstitial lung disease. BJ Kelman, CY Chan, NH Moore, and LC Diener. 2017.  The Toxicologist, Supplement to Toxicological Sciences, 151(1):1287.

Biological fate of low calorie sweeteners. BA Magnuson, MC Carakostas, NH Moore, SP Poulos, and AG Renwick. 2016. Nutr Rev. 74(11):670-689. [PubMed]

Risk from breaches in portable, consumer sized lithium batteries. CY Chan, M Krause, B Kelman, and N Moore. 2016. The Toxicologist, Supplement to Toxicological Sciences,150(1):2671. [PubMed]


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