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Karin Hayman, MS, RG, is a Geologist at Veritox®, Inc.

Ms. Hayman has a Master of Science degree in Geophysics from the School of Oceanography at Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She is a Registered Geologist (RG) in Washington and Oregon, and an active member of the Geological Society of America, the Northwest Geological Society, and the Association for Women Geoscientists.

Ms. Hayman has more than twenty years of professional experience in the geosciences, including the fields of environmental consulting; oil and gas exploration; hydrogeology; mineralogy; and structural geology. She has conducted extensive field work all around the contiguous United States and Alaska. Her experience also includes ten years in the software industry, with a focus on the development, quality assurance, and technical support of mapping, modeling, and data processing software for geoscientists.

Karin’s expertise at Veritox®, Inc. includes:




C.A. Robbins, K. Hayman, M. Krause, B. Kelman. 2011. Exposure and Airborne Concentrations due to Environmental Asbestos and Erionite. AIHCE, Portland, OR, May 2011

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