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Clara Chan, MSc, DABT, is a Senior Toxicologist with Veritox®, Inc.

Ms. Chan has worked as a toxicologist at Veritox since 2003. She provides technical support and served as a consultant for projects in areas of toxicology, risk assessment, personal injury litigation, consumer product safety, and industrial hygiene.  She has supervised client-sponsored laboratory testing of consumer products in North America and Hong Kong. She has experience with analysis and interpretation of consumer product safety testing results. 

Ms. Chan has project experience in the following areas:

Ms. Chan is a member of Society of Toxicology and Pacific Northwest Association of Toxicologists. 

Ms. Chan’s native language is English and is fluent in Chinese (Cantonese). 



Selected Publications and Presentations

Chan, C.Y., K. Tucker, N. Moore, and B. Kelman. 2018. Risk from mycotoxins in mold-infested consumer products. The Toxicologist. 162(1):2407.

Robbins, C., C.Y. Chan, and M. Holland. 2017. IEQ Molds and Mycotoxins: Current Issues. Presentation at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo (AIHce), Seattle, WA, June, 2017.

Chan, C.Y., and B.J. Kelman. 2015. Chapter 117 Mycotoxins. In: Hamilton & Hardy’s Industrial Toxicology, (6th ed.) R.D. Harbison, M.M. Bourgeois, and G.T. Johnston (Eds). John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ., pp. 1283-1293.

Chan, C.Y. and P.M. Fallah. Toxic mold and other microbial controversies revisited. Oral presentation. Indoor Air Quality Association Seattle Chapter Workshop. May 8, 2014.
Chan, C.Y., L. Swenson, J. Hobden, N. Moore, and B.J. Kelman. 2014. Risk from exposure to triorthocresylphosphate (TOCP) in aircraft cabins and flight decks. The Toxicologist. 138(1):2247.

Chan, C.Y. and P.M. Fallah. Microbial investigation in indoor environments: from ERMI to “toxic mold.” Oral presentation. Indoor Air Quality Association Seattle Chapter Workshop. December 5, 2013.

Chan, C.Y., C.A. Robbins, P.M. Fallah, B.D. Hardin, B.J. Kelman. 2007. Risk from inhaled mycotoxins from mold-infested produce. International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX) XIth International Congress of Toxicology, Montreal, Canada.  Abstract #PT6.105.

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