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Veritox® is a privately owned corporation that provides consulting services in industrial hygiene, human and environmental toxicology, medical toxicology, risk assessment, and preventive, occupational, and emergency medicine.

About Veritox®

Our clients are varied and include individuals, private and public corporations, government (US and other), and non-governmental organizations.

Veritox® professionals perform scientific work of the highest caliber and communicate our findings clearly with our clients.

The principals of Veritox® are certified by appropriate accrediting bodies (the American Board of Toxicology, Academy of Toxicological Sciences, American Board of Industrial Hygiene, State Boards of Pharmacy, UK Register of Toxicologists, and Eurotox Registry of Toxicologists). Our physicians all hold subspecialty certifications in Medical Toxicology and primary care certificates in Preventative Medicine, Occupational Medicine and/or Emergency Medicine.



On August 26, 2008, a San Diego County Superior Court trial jury found that Sharon Kramer libeled Dr. Bruce Kelman of Veritox®, Inc., when she published a press release in March 2005. In her press release, Mrs. Kramer stated that Dr. Kelman had altered his under-oath statements on the witness stand when he testified as a witness in an Oregon lawsuit. The jury found that Mrs. Kramer’s statement was false and defamatory and that she had published it with malice. The Court of Appeal affirmed the judgment on behalf of Dr. Kelman.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Kramer persisted in spreading the defamation. Accordingly, in November, 2010, Dr. Kelman filed a second lawsuit against her, to enjoin her from republishing the libel. The San Diego Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction against her in May 2011.  She willfully disobeyed the injunction on several occasions, and as a consequence was incarcerated for civil contempt of court for two days in March 2012, and was fined $3,000 in July 2012. The Court entered judgment in Dr. Kelman’s favor in July 2012, permanently enjoining Mrs. Kramer from republishing the libel. Mrs. Kramer’s appeal from the judgment was dismissed in March, 2013, when she failed to file an opening brief.     

Mrs. Kramer continues to post false information and accusations maligning Veritox and its employees, as well as California justices, judges, court clerks and administrators, members of Congress and other elected officials. In the interest of saving time and minimizing annoyance, we currently ignore her posts regarding this matter.

If you are a current or prospective client and have any questions about this, please call us for additional information and documentation.


Nadia Moore, PhD, DABT

Welcome to Nadia Moore, PhD, DABT, who joins Veritox as Senior Toxicologist.

Dr. Moore holds a PhD from the University of Washington and has been certified in toxicology by the American Board of Toxicology since 2012. Her background includes toxicology, regulatory compliance, molecular biology, and chemistry. She has led research and testing efforts in characterization of the toxicological and carcinogenic potential of chemicals, mixtures, and agents.

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Clara Chan, MS, DABT

Congratulations to Clara Chan for passing her American Board of Toxicology certification examination.

Ms. Chan has an Honors BS in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto and a MS in Toxicology from Queen’s University. She has worked as a toxicologist with Veritox since 2003 and will continue and expand her valued work with us as a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology.

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